Learning Strategies

Learning Dynamics provides individuals with strategies on how to learn. In a typical learning situation this is often skipped. In educational and work settings, often only what to learn is emphasized.

For example, a person is often given an assignment and expected to know the information by a certain date. Never is one taught how to learn this vital information.

Without this step, individuals are left to fend for themselves using ineffective learning strategies. Consequently, they struggle unnecessarily. Their self-esteem drops. They, and others often begin to think there is something wrong with them.

Through Learning Dynamics individuals are taught and coached in this vitally important step of how to learn. These strategies focus on teaching individuals how to input, process and recall large quantities of information using multi-sensory, whole brain learning strategies.

Behavioral & Emotional Strategies

Often when working with individuals, certain behaviors and beliefs keep them from using even the effective skills, they do have. It is important to deal with these limiting factors as they arise. Many individuals have been told repeatedly of these limitations which has greatly affected their beliefs system and their overall self-esteem. They often are frustrated and angry with the system, their families and themselves. These emotions need to be dealt with and replaced with useful ways of thinking and feeling about the learning experience and themselves.

Some individual have been “turned off” to learning. They need to learn how to motivate themselves, not only for educational activities, but for any activity or task where they initially lack motivation.

Students with ADHD and LD have additional coping strategy and emotional needs. With these students, Carol at Learning Dynamics helps then deal with and overcome impulsivity, hyperactivity, distractibility, lack of organization, procrastination and forgetfulness.

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